Monday, May 14, 2012

RBI's are awesome!

Ryan Doumit leads the Twins in Runs Batted In with 23. RBI's are awesome!

Ryan Doumit has fewer hits than Jamey Carroll and three other Twins. RBI's are better than hits!

Ryan Doumit a .316 OBP. RBI's are King!

Ryan Doumit has less than half of the extra base hits of J. Willingham. WE WANT RBI's!

Ryan Doumit bats 5th or 6th in the lineup every night. The ONLY reason he has RBI's.

Conclusion- RBI's are a useless stat, and tell you next to nothing about the player, except that they often hit with runners on base. RBI is, like VORP, WARP or DRS, a stat made by humans, and just because it was on the back of your Juan Gonzalez baseball card, does not give it credibility. I'm glad we're all thinkers here though, right?

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