Thursday, May 17, 2012

How The East Was Won

Guess who the only team in the AL or NL East is with a losing record? I'll write a little filler sentence here while you guess.... Time's up, it's Boston. Whether that surprised you or not (not is probably likely considering all the attention they get), it should be. Boston is damn good, they have a top 5 offense and what could be, if healthy, a solid pitching staff. Anyway, the point is that 9 of the 10 teams between the two divisions are .500 or better. You could easily call them the top two divisions in baseball. But which is better?

To settle this, I'll do something that will settle or prove nothing, but should be fun. I'll pick who I think are the "East All-Stars" to this point, and let them fight it out in an epic battle that takes place in YOUR mind. Let me know who wins!

*No DH's for fairness, sorry Papi

              AL EAST                                NL EAST
1)     Dustin Pedroia 2B                  Michael Bourn CF
2)      Adam Jones CF                      David Wright 3B
3)    Alex Rodriguez 3B                Adam LaRoche 1B
4)      Matt Wieters  C                  Giancarlo Stanton LF
5)      Ben Zobrist RF                        Carlos Ruiz C
6)      Carlos Pena 1B                       Omar Infante 2B
7)         JJ Hardy    SS                      Martin Prado RF
8)   Desmond Jennings LF                Jose Reyes SS

AL EAST Rotation                         NL EAST Rotation
     CC Sabathia                                Stephen Strasburg
      David Price                                   Roy Halladay
    Jason Hammel                                Gio Gonzalez
    Wei-Yin Chen                                Cole Hamels
  Brandon Morrow                         Jordan Zimmerman

AL EAST Bullpen                          NL EAST Bullpen
 Fernando Rodney                             Craig Kimbrel
 David Robertson                              Tyler Clippard
    Cory Wade                                     Steve Cishek

More tough decisions than I anticipated! I would need to give the edge to AL East in hitting and defense, but I don't know how they could score more than a run or two against that rotation. What do you guys think I missed? Who do you think would win in a 7-game series?

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