Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Few Quick Notes

-Bryan LaHair is raking for the Cubs. He's hitting .388/.468/.821 through 21 games, numbers that would make the Babe look like Nick Punto. Looking at his minor league numbers and using a wee bit of reasoning, it's clear he won't keep up those numbers; however, LaHair has carved out a spot in the majors at 29 years old and doesn't look to be going anywhere.

-As a side note to LaHair, Seattle has to be kicking themselves after letting him go in favor of Justin Smoak, who is hopeless against lefties and anyone with a breaking ball.

-Joe Maddon. I think we all agree he's the best manager in baseball, right? This year he's has slotted Carlos Pena in the second spot in the order. It may seem counter-intuitive to have a slugger with a low batting average in that position, but it's actually a damn smart play and shows the progress of using statistics (and logic) in baseball. That's because Pena is getting on-base at a .398 clip this year, second best on the team (after the injured Evan Longoria). Putting Pena second does two things. First, it gives arguably their best hitter right now more plate appearances than if he was hitting in a more traditional spot like fifth. Secondly, it gives the middle of the Rays order (a bunch of marginal boppers) more opportunities to knock in runs. It's too bad that Tampa doesn't get the attention they deserve, because they are constantly changing the sport for the better.

-Mariano Rivera got carted off the field with a knee injury. Did not look good. Nothing to say there, but it's something you should know.

-Another thing you should know is that Astros have a second baseman. He is 5'5". His name is Jose Altuve. And he his hitting .358. See if you can tell which one he is:

(AP Photo)

-Bryce Harper is must-see TV. He's now a 19 year-old hitting 3rd on a first place ball-club.

-Derek Jeter got his average over .400 tonight. He's old, he can play the field, but you can't say he can't hit. #DoubleNegative

-I'm making chicken tacos, there's a 95% chance I screw it up... They're probably burning right now.

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