Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Suggested Reading

I don't usually do this, in fact I've never done this, but there's an article you need to read. Link:

Strasburg/Pitch Counts

The article is a Grantland piece by Rany Jazayerli about Stephen Strasburg's recent shutdown. Now, the internet is over-saturated with Strasburg material and I'm beyond sick of reading about him, to the point where I've been ignoring even my favorite analysts opinion on the matter. However, this is one of the few that I would suggest are really worth reading.

Rany has been one of the most innovative baseball minds around for more than a dozen years, developing forward ideas on pitcher use and the draft. This article is no different as Rany brings new data to the conversation examining how better off pitchers are now than they were just fifteen years ago (or ten years ago in the Cubs case).

The article is about more than just Strasburg, you won't read any cliched quotes from the manager or conspiracy theories about Scott Boras. What you will find is a well thought out and researched piece on the general state of pitcher health today. Rany then applies the discussion to Strasburg's situation masterfully.

Anyway, it's a long article, but well worth the twenty minutes if you have it. I promise it will be the best thing you read all week.

Have a good night.

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