Friday, September 28, 2012

Dude, This Is Infuriating

Terry Ryan and Ron Gardenhire talked to season tickets the other day about the team and the future. Via, I saw this question then answer from Gardy:
-What has been the most frustrating thing about this season?
Ron Gardenhire (RG): Some of the fundamentals haven't been there like getting bunts down and hitting the cutoff man. The Twins take pride in those things and it isn't showing up on the field. Coaches continue to work hard with the players in practice but the results haven't been showing up on the field.
Okay, so getting bunts down and hitting the cutoff man is really the most frustrating part of the season? I've watched probably 75% of Twins games this year and I can say neither has been a legitimate issue. All told, mistakes of this kind have maybe blown one or two games at most.

This is exactly the kind of thoughtless, mind-numbing answers that have been spewing from Gardy's goateed mouth for the las decade. I recognize he can't tear into his starting pitchers or front office, but all I ask is that he at least says something of value. In fact, I really don't remember the last time he said anything even remotely interesting.

Overall, Ron is probably a fine manager and I won't be calling for his head anytime soon. However, it would be really really nice if he didn't treat the fans like imbeciles with every answer he gives. And how about you take pride in winning, not bunting.

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