Sunday, July 8, 2012

What if I were to put together a team to play a 162 game season with the top players in the NL?  I was inspired by the All-Star Game.  I have a rep from every NL team and have set the team up for a traditional 25 man roster and one extra now that MLB allows teams to have a 26 man for double headers.

Batting Order
1. Andrew McCutchen, 8, PIT
    Plays a good center and has been hitting like a madman with no real protection.
2. Matt Kemp, 9, LAD
    Really a great centerfielder but I think his athleticism allows him to play a corner.
3. Ryan Braun, 7, MIL
    I think he’s as talented a hitter as there is in the NL with his average and power.
4. Joey Votto, 3, CIN
    My 2012 first half MVP who can do it all at the plate.
5. Troy Tulowitzki, 6, COL
    Has a cannon from short and easily the top hitting shortstop when he’s healthy.
6. David Wright, 5, NYM
    He’s the David Wright we knew he could be this year and he makes plays.
7. Aaron Hill, 4, ARI
    The best second baseman in the NL who somehow got left of the ASG roster.
8. Buster Posey, 2, SF
    He handles a pitching staff as good as any catcher who can swing it also.
9. Pitcher
    Sorry Tony LaRussa, batting a pitcher in the 8 spot is s-t-u-p-i-d.

1. Stephen Strasburg, WAS
    Best stuff in the NL as far as starters are concerned.
2. Matt Cain, SF
    Year in and year out he puts up a solid season and he is a competitor.
3. Clayton Kershaw, LAD
    Best left handed starter in MLB with a hammer of a breaking ball.
4. Gio Gonzalez, WAS
    Going to the senior circuit makes him more dangerous and has explosive stuff.
5. Cole Hamels, PHI
    Free agent to be and he is making his case to be a very rich man
6. R.A. Dickey, NYM
    He’s my 26th man if I have a double header.  Knucklers are too inconsistent for     my liking but no arguing his success the past couple seasons.

C- Miguel Montero, ARI
    Hits lefty with pop and has drawn great reviews behind the plate.
1B- Paul Goldschmidt, ARI
    Puts balls over the fence like its no big deal and Tim Lincecums knees shake when he sees him at the plate, like he does to every batter these days.
SS- Starlin Castro, CHI
    Chicago’s courtesy pick.
OF- Giancarlo Stanton, MIA
    He should be in the starting line up but the NL has some awesome outfielders.
UTL- Jose Altuve, HOU
    Houston’s representative on my team who can play second and third base.

1. Craig Kimbrel, ATL
    One word: gas.
2. Luke Gregorson, SD
    Gets to pitch in Petco so how good is he? I don’t know but he has done his job     this season.
3. Jason Motte, STL
    Can lock down a game and can strike guys out which is key for any bullpen guy.
4. Aroldis Chapman, CIN
    For a guy who could be a lefty specialist or go an inning plus, he has probably     the best stuff on the squad.
5. David Hernandez, ARI
    95 MPH heater and a good breaking ball and can strike dudes out.
6. Kenley Jansen, LAD
    14.33 K/9, another guy who can strike guys out and I love strikeouts.
7. Tyler Clippard, WAS
    Can close or set-up and he has plus stuff.

Obviously there are great players I have left off but this is my team.

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