Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Many Wonderful (Mis)Spellings of Dempster

This afternoon was a crazy time on Twitter. With real and fake trade rumors being unloaded from the dumpsters that are reporters and being perpetuated and picked apart by bloggers, there was no time for backup spell-check. As a result, I have the pleasure of presenting you with a few wonderful spellings of Ryan Dempster's surname:

First back-to-back eff ups from CBS's Jon Heyman and Yahoo's Dave Brown. Just 17 seconds apart:


*Demopster is my vote for best misspelling of the deadline.

Then, the man of many bowties, Ken Rosenthal of Fox, also got in the action:

Dempter was clearly a popular choice among the BWAA today. And looking back, I'm disappointed nobody worked in a DERPster. Maybe next year...

In addition, I'd like to share a "Dempster" story of my own. From 8th grade until my senior year of high school, I played fantasy baseball with the same group of guys. Over those five years, we developed nicknames for a solid 60-65% of MLB, most of them very dumb. Dempster's nickname was no exception, as we've all referred to him as simply "Dumpster", for as long as I can remember.

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