Friday, March 27, 2015

2015 Minnesota Twins Top 10 Prospects

Last week I made a composite list of the Arizona Diamondbacks top 10 prospects using the five most popular prospects rankings.  Just as a refresher, here is a list of the sources used:

1. Baseball Prospectus (BP)
2. FanGraphs (FG)
3. MLB Pipeline (Pipeline)
4. Baseball America (BA)
5. Keith Law of EPSN (Law)

With the Twins there are some notable names left off the composite top 10 which speaks to how deep the Twins' system is and how the future of the organization is looking up.

A quick reminder on the point system.  A number one ranking will give a player 10 points, a number two ranking is worth nine points and so on.  There aren't any scouting reports included as I think it is worth finding these rankings on the respective websites to explore and learn more about the future of the Twins organization.

Minnesota Twins Top 10 Prospects

1. Byron Buxton, OF - 50 points
BP=1; FG=1; Pipeline=1; BA=1; Law=1

2. Miguel Sano, 3B - 45 points
BP=2; FG=2; Pipeline=2; BA=2; Law=2

3. Alex Meyer, RHP - 35 points
BP=3; FG=6; Pipeline= 3; BA= 5; Law=3

4. Jose Berrios, RHP - 34 points
BP=5; FG=3; Pipeline=4; BA=3; Law=6

5. Kohl Stewart, RHP - 31 points
BP=4; FG=5; Pipeline=6; BA=4; Law=5

6. Nick Gordon, SS - 30 points
BP=6; FG=4; Pipeline=5; BA=6; Law=4

7. Jorge Polanco, SS - 14 points
BP=9; FG=7; Pipeline=7; BA=8; Law=9

8. Lewis Thorpe, LHP - 12 points
BP=7; FG=8; Pipeline=10; BA=NA; Law=7

9. Nick Burdi, RHP - 11 points
BP=8; FG=10; Pipeline=8; BA=7; Law=NA

10. Eddie Rosario, 2B/OF - 6 points
BP=NA; FG=NA; Pipeline=9; BA=10; Law=8

Also receiving votes: Stephen Gonsalves, Trevor May and Amaurys Minier

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