Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day One of Spring - The Weird, The Laughable and The Laudable

As goes, so does my productivity. On the one hand, my productivity here at Pitcher's Duel spikes. My productivity elsewhere... not so much. And today marks the beginning of that time of year, the most wonderful time of year, in which we have live baseball to watch nearly all the time. Sidenote: Obama, step up and make this some sort of holiday, God forbid if this landed on a weekday and some poor children were stuck in school. Fascist.

For my tribute to National Day, I've tried my hand at some photojournalism (screencaps count, right?) from the first couple hours of LIVE baseball and I shall organize them as such -

The Weird

For you Twins fans out there, I found our former center fielder -

Good luck to Span, he's a great centerfielder and will undoubtedly be an important piece on the best team in baseball, the Nats.

And that's okay, because the Twins have a capable replacement centerfielder. He's speedy, he can hit and he... what? he's on the Phillies? F***jkdasflsjdfkaj

Well, we can look forward to 2014 Twins fans. In the meantime, at least we have it better than the Astros. Here's a drinking game, every time you recognize a name in today's Astros lineup, take a shot.

Completely sober? Lol of course you are! Even their manager hasn't heard of Nate Freiman or Marwin Gonzalez!

While they may suck, at least they look fly. I give my wholehearted approval of these semi-retro spring training jerseys.

Alright guys, Baseball Season is upon us. Let's get down and dirty.

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