Friday, December 14, 2012

Did the Diamondbacks get enough for Trevor Bauer?

When the Diamondbacks drafted Trevor Bauer with the third overall pick in 2011, they got a pitcher with good current talent and the ability to become an ace at the top of the rotation.

Well after a somewhat bumpy first full season, Bauer Hour has moved and in a somewhat questionable deal.

Many in the baseball media have said the Diamondbacks clearly lost the three-way deal and the return is not significant enough.

The main component coming to Arizona is Didi Gregorious, a left-handed hitting shortstop who is only 22 years old.  

He fits Kevin Towers’ need for a shortstop but he might not be an impact player.  Throughout the minors he has not put up good OBA and has no power or base-stealing ability.

On defense, Gregorious has been highly regarded but it has been reported that some scouts see him as more of a utility type than full-time player.  The ability to defend up the middle is very important and he might provide some value there.

Up the middle, and assuming Gregorious is given the starting role, the defense is strong.  Miguel Montero has been praised for his work behind the dish and pitchers have taken well to his game calling.  Aaron Hill is one of the best defensive (and in 2012 the best offensive) second baseman.  Arizona has given the centerfield job to Adam Eaton, after dealing Chris Young to Oakland, and for being a former 19th round selection, he has hit his entire way up and shows the ability to work a count draw walks.  Eaton has well above-average speed and can play a good centerfield.

With Gregorious, the Diamondbacks have quite a few light-hitting shortstops.  With Willie Bloomquist, John McDonald and Cliff Pennington, there is no clear indication who will provide the best bat.  

Some have thought Pennington will be given the starting role and Gregorious will start in the minors to save service time.  Pennington has never been a slugger but is good with the glove so it could be a rather lateral move.

To answer the question above, the answer is no.  The Arizona Diamondbacks did not receive enough for Bauer and it might have been better to try and package him with others in hopes of getting a better return.

There were reported doubts in the Arizona organization about Bauer and his ability to adapt to Major League Baseball but he could have been the guy to win games for them come postseason time.

Other thoughts:

-With the addition of Josh Hamilton, Albert Pujols will have protection behind him and we could see him return to his St. Louis form when he put up eight to nine wins a year.  

-I’d like to see the Twins deal Josh Willingham, but not now.  After the All Star game teams will be seeking power and he will supply it.  He could get them a good return.

-It’s a shame to see Anibal Sanchez back in Detroit.  After hearing he was in agreement with Chicago, I was excited to see the direction of the Cubs and it looked like Theo Epstein had gotten a young, reliable starter to lead them through their rebuilding process.

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