Thursday, June 7, 2012

Relevant Excerpts

I mused about where Twins top pick Byron Buxton will fit among the Twins' top prospects here. I figured he would slot in slightly below Miguel Sano but above everyone else, noting that in the national rankings they would be fairly close. Well, in a recent article Keith Law, ESPN's resident baseball scout, answered the same question:
I'd take him over their current top prospect, Miguel Sano, and that's saying something. The separator for me is that Buxton almost certainly stays in the middle of the field and adds value there, while Sano is already on a corner and may keep moving down the defensive spectrum even as he mashes his way up to Minneapolis.
Jim Callis, draft expert of Baseball America, also weighed in his draft chat today:

I thought Buxton was the best player in this draft, but I'm giving the nod to Sano.

Two of the best in the business can't agree on who's better right now, although it doesn't really matter. The fact of the matter is the Twins now have two of the best hitting prospects in all of baseball. The future is bright for offense in Minnesota. Now, pitching is another story...

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